Mazak Slant Turn 60N Oilfield Lathe

Bossong Engineering have increased they’re capabilities yet again with the recent addition of the Mazak Slant Turn 60N. The business can now offer clientele a large variety of rotary tool joint connections. The machine is capable of turning diameters up to 36″ with a through spindle of 14″. The Slant Turn 60N is designed to efficiently machine long shaft workpieces with a powerful 60kW spindle motor drive, allowing Bossong Engineering to produce the highest standard final product for the client. The Slant Turn 60N is capable of machining drill pipe 12 feet in length and has the following features:

■Maximum turning diameter of φ36″
■4 Gear Ranges
■A chuck size of 30″
■Spindle Speed up to 1000rpm