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Coarse Ore Stockpile Chutes

Iron ore is the highest volume mined commodity in Western Australia and accounted for 82 per cent of the mineral exports in 2021.

It is highly abrasive and wear to all infrastructure in the mining and processing supply chain is a common problem.

That’s where we come in, Bossong Engineering have been supplying Australian mine sites with wear solutions since 1988. Our multifaceted business allows us to work with our clients right from the design phase through to delivery, and everything in between, offering bespoke solutions. 

In this instance the team delivered two 57T and two 45T chutes just months apart to a loyal customer based in the Pilbara. The scope was to develop a fabrication drawing set for a replacement chute, including design of transport and lifting frames, fabrication to a tight tolerance and transport to site. This allowed for the chute to be replaced in a matter of days minimising downtime on site.   

Our clients know that Bossong Engineering’s quality surpasses expectation with an experienced team on the job.

If you need a complex solution delivered on time and on budget contact the Bossong Engineering team here.

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3D Scanning

Bossong Engineering has recently acquired an advanced 3D scanner to compliment our existing measuring equipment. The HyperScan DX-B is a smart optical tracking 3D scanner that can handle anything from precision components to large fabrications. It greatly improves our reverse engineering capabilities and can be used in the workshop or onsite. Watch the video below and call us for more information.


Robotic Laser Scan Welding

Bossong Engineering have recently upgraded one our robots with a laser scanning system. The state-of-art scanner can find the location of weld seams, track the path of rotating objects as well as a variety of other functions. This enables perfect production welding of components despite variations or inconsistencies in individual parts – without the need for reprogramming and elimination rework. It also has application for seam welding of pipes and mitred joints. It’s just one way Bossong are looking to the future and utilising technology to make low cost – low volume production jobs viable. Check out the video below.

New Connection Licences

Bossong Engineering have increased our connection licences in order to increase the ways that we may serve our customers.

At their Broome facility Bossong Engineering has recently acquired new licences to provide premium threads including;

  • Vam top
  • Vam 21
  • Dino Vam

These new licences complement their current premium thread licence to provide Grant Prideco XT57 at our Broome facility.

In addition to these newly acquired licences, at Bossong Engineering’s Welshpool facility, we are able to provide standard API threads and premium threads including;

  • Tenaris PH6
  • Tenaris wedge 511
  • Tenaris wedge 513
  • Tenaris wedge 524
  • Tenaris wedge 561
  • Tenaris wedge 563
  • Tenaris blue
  • Tenaris DS
  • Vam CDS
  • Vam EIS

The addition of these new licences will enable Bossong Engineering to deal with a greater range of customer demands in the future.

New Swaging Unit

Bossong Engineering has once again increased their ability to serve customers by expanding their offered capabilities to include a dedicated swaging operation to their facilities in Welshpool and Broome.

These state of the art swaging facilities have the ability to perform Tenaris – Wedge and Blue casings in Welshpool along with a range of VAM threads at our Broome facility.

The sizes available are 2 7/8” up to 13 3/8” and the operation includes a furnace capable of reaching 1200°C for stress relief.

In addition to this Bossong Engineering, also have a range of expanding tools that allow for a variety of custom jobs.

These new features will allow Bossong Engineering to continue to serve customers demands in a timely and cost efficient manner.

New swaging unit and furnace at Bossong Engineering’s Welshpool facility.

Mobile Bucking Unit

Bossong Engineering are now equipped with a Mobile Bucking Unit.

The Bucking Unit is a NOV BOWEN 821 with Compu-torque system to monitor, control and record bucking process.

Sizing capabilities range from 2 3/8″ to 17″

Maximum Torque reaches 75000 lb/ft

The unit works by hydraulic motors driving the pipe in and out of the unit. Make up graphs can be provided for all connection types. A crane can be used for setup to minimise reliance on forklifts. A minimum of 1 day is required for setup and installation of the unit. Demobilisation requires minimum 0.5 days.

Running the unit is a 2 man operation (Forklift operator required). The unit is designed to be ‘hands-free’ for safe operation. Make-up rate of 40-60 connections per day. Break-out rate of 80-100 connections per day.

It is a Self Sufficient Unit. Generators are hired near site and runs all systems.

SOP’s, JSA’s, Unit layout and footprint are all available.

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Mazak Nexus 550M Oilfield Lathe

Bossong Engineering have enhanced their capabilites once again with the introduction of the Mazak Nexus 550M Oilfield Lathe. With the capacity to provide milling services, mulit-operational components are now able to be done in a single setup, improving lead times and most importantly improving the quality and accuracy of the finished product.

With the acquisition of the Broome Facility and the Mazak Nexus 550M to meet customer demands, Bossong Engineering are now the largest Oilfield Tubular Machining/Welding workshop in Western Australia, comprising a total of 6 Oilfield Lathes.

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Broome Facility

Bossong has recently expanded its operations to Broome to better service our oil and gas customers. The facility is 6000sqm and has a 1000sqm shed and caretaker residence.

The Broome facility operates 2 CNC oilfield lathes and offers connections repairs, hard banding, bucking services, wash down and inspection bay as well as storage capabilities.

26 McDaniel Road Minyirr WA 6725

Solar Panel Installation

Bossong Engineering’s progression towards creating a carbon-neutral company has been significantly influenced by the recent installation of Solar Panels on the roof of the factory.

The 180kW Solar Power system will supply around 43% of the electricity required to run the company’s manufacturing operations. The system will meet around 270MWh per annum of the company’s electricity requirements and reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be imported from the grid by a corresponding amount.

The Solar Panels will also provide 20 year lifetime emission reductions of around 4400 tonnes of CO2 for the company itself, a significant step in terms of carbon-footprint reductions.

Quality Management System – Customer Audits

Over the past 6 months, Bossong Engineering have welcomed have welcomed 3 of our prime customer on-site to undertaken 2nd Party QMS (Quality Management System) Audits.

We are very pleased to confirm that from the three full day QMS audits conducted, zero non-conformances we identified, with Bossong Engineering recieving an overall ranking of 98% from one customer and a commendation from a second.

However, at Bossong Engineering we are more than aware that the continual improvement of the Quality Management System is an on-going process and are determined to continue to improve, always striving to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.