Solar power station

Bossong Engineering has taken further steps to minimize any negative impacts on the environment by installing a 150kW solar system to the roof of their Welshpool factory, and have been signed off as a power station by Western Power.

Because of the solar array assembled on the roof of the Welshpool factory, Bossong Engineering are able to uphold their corporate responsibility as an environmentally conscious company by greatly reducing the amount of electricity sourced from non-renewable sources.


Solar Panel Installation

Bossong Engineering’s progression towards creating a carbon-neutral company has been significantly influenced by the recent installation of Solar Panels on the roof of the factory.

The 180kW Solar Power system will supply around 43% of the electricity required to run the company’s manufacturing operations. The system will meet around 270MWh per annum of the company’s electricity requirements and reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be imported from the grid by a corresponding amount.

The Solar Panels will also provide 20 year lifetime emission reductions of around 4400 tonnes of CO2 for the company itself, a significant step in terms of carbon-footprint reductions.