Mobile Bucking Unit

Mobile Bucking Unit Services - Basong Engineering

Bossong Engineering are now equipped with a Mobile Bucking Unit.

The Bucking Unit is a NOV BOWEN 821 with Compu-torque system to monitor, control and record bucking process.

Sizing capabilities range from 2 3/8″ to 17″

Maximum Torque reaches 75000 lb/ft

The unit works by hydraulic motors driving the pipe in and out of the unit. Make up graphs can be provided for all connection types. A crane can be used for setup to minimise reliance on forklifts. A minimum of 1 day is required for setup and installation of the unit. Demobilisation requires minimum 0.5 days.

Running the unit is a 2 man operation (Forklift operator required). The unit is designed to be ‘hands-free’ for safe operation. Make-up rate of 40-60 connections per day. Break-out rate of 80-100 connections per day.

It is a Self Sufficient Unit. Generators are hired near site and runs all systems.

SOP’s, JSA’s, Unit layout and footprint are all available.