Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Bossong Engineering to conduct its operations in the provision of Machining, Metal Coating and Welding Services a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting a good corporate neighbour and citizen.
In accordance with this policy, Bossong Engineering shall comply with all local environmental regulation and manages all phases of its business in a manner that minimises the impact of its operations on the environment.
To further this policy Bossong Engineering shall:

• Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and voluntary commitments to which the facility subscribes.

• Eliminate or reduce to the maximum practical extent, the release of contaminants into the environment, first through pollution prevention, material substitution and source reduction, then recycling and finally through to treatment and control technologies.

• Effectively communicate with employees the company policy and procedures and provide systems of work and supervision to ensure they are observed.

• Ensure breaches of the Environmental Policy are reported immediately thus limiting any long term effects to the environment.

Bossong Engineering will periodically review the company’s environmental impact and strive for continuous improvement in its environmental performance.