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New Machine Shop Production Manager

We are happy to welcome a new Machine Shop Production Manager to our team here at Bossong. Barry Moy, who is also from England, has had previous experience in the Engineering industry as a CNC Operator, a Production supervisor and also as an Operations manager. Barry is responsible for the Machining section of the company,

American Petroleum Institute Accreditation

Bossong Engineering is proud to announce that they have been successfully awarded the American Petroleum Institute Standards Certificates and monogram, namely: API Q1 (Q1-0515) API TS/ISO 29001 (TS-1187) API ISO 9001 (ISO-1480) API spec 7-1 (7-1-0957) (For a detailed information on our qualifications and their limitations please see our Quality Assurance page) Bossong Engineering is

Workshop Extension Progress

Bossong Engineering is thrilled to announce that the workshop extension which will add an extra 700m2 to the original building is almost complete. The extension has been added to create space for the Mazak Nexus 400-II Oilfield Lathe and Phosphate tanks where Bossong Engineering will now be able to offer customers the full range of


Bossong Engineering recently developed a new capability for the Oil and Gas Industry that allows our customers to satellite track their ocean baskets or any other equipment with the Bosstrak device attached through our web site by using the following link: http://amo2.flsecure.com/bosstrack Bosstrak is a global positioning system that provides the location of the device every 12 hours

Mazak Nexus 550-II Oilfield Lathe

Bossong Engineering has further extended its range of services it is capable of providing to the Oil and Gas Industry through purchasing a Mazak Nexus 550-II Oilfield Lathe. The business can now offer customers the full range of services for drill pipes including refurbishment, hard banding and now thread cutting. The investment in the Nexus 550-II

Workshop Extension

Bossong engineering is currently in the process of extending their original workshop located at their Welshpool premises to accommodate for expanding needs of customers in the Oil and Gas industry. The original workshop was constructed in 2005 and covers 5000m2, the addition will add an extra 700m2 to the premises. Local Government approval for the

Drill Pipe Hardbanding

Bossong Engineering continues to expand its range of premium services that is capable of providing to the Oil and Gas industry with the successful development of drill pipe hardbanding. The hardbanding process has been highly successful with turn around times exceeding expectations. The business has unique robotic capabilities which creates a precise, consistent and premium

Cargo Basket production

The Drill Rod Cargo Baskets have begun production with the experienced team of fabricators at Bossong Engineering making the design concept reality. Over the coming weeks production will continue with phases of development further illustrated as progress occurs.