American Petroleum Institute Accreditation

Bossong Engineering is proud to announce that they have been successfully awarded the American Petroleum Institute Standards Certificates and monogram, namely:

  • API Q1 (Q1-0515)
  • API TS/ISO 29001 (TS-1187)
  • API ISO 9001 (ISO-1480)
  • API spec 7-1 (7-1-0957)

(For a detailed information on our qualifications and their limitations please see our Quality Assurance page)

Bossong Engineering is the only company in Australia to have API accredited spec 7-1, TS/ISO 29001,  ISO 9001 and Q1 API accredited simultaneously. We are one of only two companies in Western Australia to have API spec 7-1 certification and the only company in the Perth Metropolitan region to have API certification to 7-1.

This accreditation illustrates the innovation of the business and provides customers with the knowledge of its development and also acknowledging the quality of the company’s capabilities.