Solar power station

Bossong Engineering has taken further steps to minimize any negative impacts on the environment by installing a 150kW solar system to the roof of their Welshpool factory, and have been signed off as a power station by Western Power.

Because of the solar array assembled on the roof of the Welshpool factory, Bossong Engineering are able to uphold their corporate responsibility as an environmentally conscious company by greatly reducing the amount of electricity sourced from non-renewable sources.


New Connection Licences

Bossong Engineering have increased our connection licences in order to increase the ways that we may serve our customers.

At their Broome facility Bossong Engineering has recently acquired new licences to provide premium threads including;

  • Vam top
  • Vam 21
  • Dino Vam

These new licences complement their current premium thread licence to provide Grant Prideco XT57 at our Broome facility.

In addition to these newly acquired licences, at Bossong Engineering’s Welshpool facility, we are able to provide standard API threads and premium threads including;

  • Tenaris PH6
  • Tenaris wedge 511
  • Tenaris wedge 513
  • Tenaris wedge 524
  • Tenaris wedge 561
  • Tenaris wedge 563
  • Tenaris blue
  • Tenaris DS
  • Vam CDS
  • Vam EIS

The addition of these new licences will enable Bossong Engineering to deal with a greater range of customer demands in the future.