Mazak Nexus 550-II Oilfield Lathe

Bossong Engineering has further extended its range of services it is capable of providing to the Oil and Gas Industry through purchasing a Mazak Nexus 550-II Oilfield Lathe. The business can now offer customers the full range of services for drill pipes including refurbishment, hard banding and now thread cutting. The investment in the Nexus 550-II adds the ability to taper API qualified threads and reflects Bossong Engineering’s continued desire to meet the demands of customers in the Oil and Gas Industry. The Nexus 550-II is capable of machining drill pipe 12 feet in length and has the following features:

  • Turning length range of 1025 – 3120 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter of φ580 mm
  • Dual chuck capabilities
  • A chuck size of 12″ (*15″)
  • Turning Spindle (30min.rating) capability of 2500rpm/30kW
  • Travel (X/Y/Z) of 310/-/1070, 2120, 3170 mm