Cargo Baskets development

Bossong Engineering is pleased to announce that the engineering design of the off shore cargo baskets has meet the requirements of EN 12079 and/ or DNV CN2.7-1. Bossong Engineering is striving for continuous improvement in all facets of the oil and gas industry which is exemplified through the development of their offshore cargo baskets to meet current industry requirements and demands. The Business has the unique ability to design and materialize a concept all in house through the range of services it is capable of providing.   

OSEA 2010 Oil and Gas Conference

Bossong Engineering recently attended the OSEA 2010 Oil and Gas Conference in Singapore to market the services Bossong is capable of offering the industry. Steve, Janice, Paul and Mark all attended the conference over its entirity providing valuable information to companies involved in the industry.

Successful Arnco Certification

After months of trialing and testing Bossong Engineering has successfully been awarded certification from Arnco Technologies to apply their hard banding products to drill pipe joints. Larry Jones the operations manager for Arnco Technologies flew in from the States to present Bossong Engineering with certification on Friday the 3rd of December. This certification presents an opportunity for Bossong Engineering to offer additional services to the Oil and Gas industry and illustrates the constant expansion and innovation of the business.  

Arnco Certification

Bossong Engineering is currently in the process of obtaining certification from Arnco Technologies to apply their hard banding products. Trialing is occurring under the guidance of Bossong’s welding supervisors and engineers with the aim of successfully applying the product to drill rod tool joints to reduce wear and increase effective life. Recently Larry Jones the operations manager for Arnco Technologies flew in from the States to provide valuable insights into the application of the product.

OSEA 2010 Brochure

Bossong Engineering recently utilised the services of Flame Creations to design a brochure for the OSEA 2010 Oil and Gas Conference in Singapore.The following example image illustrates Plasma Transferred Arc welding page of the booklet, also included are machining, engineering, robotic stub welding, wear band solutions and manual fabrication.